Sophomores And Their Thoughts On College

Sophomores And Their Thoughts On College

Ava Maison

Sophomores at Lake Shore High School don’t necessarily have a clear idea of what they want to do after high school. Most want to go to college, but don’t exactly know what for quite yet.

Sophomores are only two years away from graduating high school and heading to college. Most classes that they take dont exactly give them a clear idea of what they want to pursue in the future. For example, if a student likes chemistry, it may be still hard to decide because of the many options you might have in the classes you take in the future. Lake Shore offers many classes in a variety of topics to help students decide what they may want to do in the future. Some of those classes include Building Renovations, Painting, many AP classes, and Interior Design. But, with having to take gym and health classes, sophomores haven’t really been able to look into all their options quite yet.

Michael Bentley, a sophomore at Lake Shore High School stated, “I want a job that requires years of college and a degree.”

Some sophomores think that going to college is important for many reasons. Many jobs that get paid good amounts of money require a certain degree in college. A college degree shows perseverance to better yourself and further your education. This would then give you more background knowledge in your area of expertise. In addition, this shows potential employers that you put in a lot of work and effort to get the job you want. Jobs that include higher pay may require more knowledge and years of college which shows your hard work.

As for colleges choices, many aren’t sure yet. Joseph Quinn, a sophomore at Lake Shore High School states, “U of M only because I’m a fan of their sports teams.”

Some students don’t really focus on the education of the school just their sports teams. For example, if a student is going to college to play a sport, their college choice may depend on their athletic scholarship offers. On the other hand, Bentley states, “I do not have any colleges in mind, but I hope to go to college out of state.” Some students prefer to go out of state to have a fresh start or a “new beginning.”

Sophomores also have opinions on community colleges. Community Colleges are nonresidential junior colleges offer that courses to people living in a particular area. But, community colleges only offer colleges that award certificates and associates degrees. This is most likely not enough for some jobs which is why universities are also an option. Community colleges can also prepare students for college because of their easier classes. In addition, if you aren’t sure what exactly you want to go into, community colleges can give you more experience for less money than college.

Sophomores shouldn’t have a clear idea of what they want to do after college because they haven’t been able to explore many of their options. Some want to go to college while others don’t. Everyone has a different plan for the future and it is ultimately their decision.