Sydney Vanderhagen: Continues Athletics At Aquinas


Grace Hanke

Sydney VanDerHaegen is a well-known senior at Lake Shore High School. VanDerHaegen is a three-sport student-athlete who maintains a 3.9 GPA.

She is very hard-working playing volleyball, basketball, softball, and travel softball. VanDerHaegen states, “Yeah, it is hard to maintain all the practice times and my grades, at the same time, because some days I’ll have two or three practices a day and then I have to go home and do my homework.”

Just recently, on December 5th, VanDerHaegen signed to Aquinas college to play as center field on their softball team. She has been interested in going to Aquinas since she was a sophomore and has been committed since January of 2020.

“They gave me a really good offer for the position that I play, and when I went and visited the campus, I absolutely fell in love with it. I just knew that I was meant to go there,” VanDerHaegen said.

VanDerHaegen has been on varsity volleyball and basketball for three years and four years on varsity for softball. Although she plays other sports, softball has always been her main sport. She has been playing softball since she was four years old and strived to be a star player. Aquinas being her dream school and offering her the position she wanted was a big deal for VanDerHaegen.

She is going to school for psychology and hopes to get a degree in that. She is going to live at Aquinas for the first three years and is going into school currently not knowing anyone.

VanDerHaegen is a big part of Lake Shore in all different aspects. She will always be a Shorian accomplishment.