Shorian Social Media Accounts


Christa Shakori

Lake Shore students are expressing their creativity by making humorous social media accounts. The most used social media platforms are Instagram and Tik Tok. 

One account known as @lshs_sleep_page, documents the students that fall asleep during class. Students can send in their submissions through direct messages. When submitting somebody, you remain anonymous in order to keep the drama away.

Another fun account that keeps the students engaged is @lshsgetplanked. This old trend has been brought back to many schools during 2021. You lay down in areas around the school with your head down, and try to make it unique. Students and teachers are submitting themselves planking to be featured on the page. 

Another page, @lshsbadpostue.0, documents the students who have “bad posture.” One good feature about this account is that the bio states, “We don’t accept bullying, just send me a dm to get anything taken down.” 

There are numerous other accounts such as @the_gingers_of_lshs. They feature the redhead students that attend Lake Shore. 

Senior, Jacob Moceri, states, “I think it was smart to add the no bullying rule into their bio so the students don’t make fun of one another.”

We have one school run tik tok account, @shorianreport. It is used to spread positivity and to inform students of current events and activities happening around the school. 

These accounts are all made in order to keep the students engaged and to have fun during the 2021-2022 school year. Make sure you follow these accounts to keep up with the latest trends and events. It will put a smile on your face and bring some joy to the school atmosphere.