Mr. Maleszyk Joins Lake Shore

Mr. Maleszyk Joins Lake Shore

Skylar Merten

Lake Shore welcomes new math teacher Benjamin Maleszyk. 

Maleszyk started at Central Michigan University and majored in math and minored in physical education. He had always liked math and even used to tutor his friends in math in high school. From his past experience coaching youth camps, he soon learned he enjoyed working with kids. 

Maleszyk stated, ¨When I got to college and started working in a classroom, I had a ton of fun and fell in love with the profession.¨  

Throughout college, he also participated in many activities, sports, and other programs. He played football for three years as a Quarterback and Wide Receiver. He also joined a group called the STEM Education Scholar which worked with kids in STEM related activities. 

He says, ¨This really helped me work at becoming a better teacher.¨

Before coming to Lake Shore he student taught at Shepherd High School, which is up by CMU. He helped teach classes such as Geometry and Weight Training. When he was done student teaching, he saw the opportunity to start at Lake Shore. Soon after he was interviewed, he got a call back that Lake Shore was interested in hiring him. He was very excited to have a chance to become part of the Lake Shore community. Even though Maleszyk has been here for a short time he has enjoyed his time so far at Lake Shore. 

He states, ¨I have had a very positive experience at Lake Shore. The staff has been very helpful and friendly to me. My students have been fun to interact with and I’m excited to have the opportunity to keep teaching them.¨

Currently, he is teaching Algebra 2 in room 133. Every day he interacts with students of all grade levels and is excited to continue teaching.