The Only German Teacher At LSHS


Janni Rumsfeld, Staff Writer

There are many countries around the world with different cultures, people, history and landscapes. When you visit a country on vacation you can get many different impressions of all that. But how is it different from what the habitants in this culture think? In interviewing the only German teacher as a German exchange student, much was learned.

Germany is a country of history and different cultures. Germany had some really critical things in history but the government learned from that. I experience the same thing when I am here. I grew up in Germany and that is the culture I live with. It is important to respect the other countries and then you can see the good parts about that. 

There are different things that are extraordinary and interesting about Germany, Elaine Parenteau the only German teacher at Lake Shore High School says.

She has no relatives but she lived in Germany for two years and she loves going there. She went to Germany nearly every year.

“The thing I like most about Germany is that the people are very helpful and the cities are clean and organized. I love the landscapes and the culture.”

Important for her is that she wants to teach German to have fun, learn about a new country and teach a nice language. Parenteau explains. “I think the most important thing is that we need to understand that Germany is not only World-War II. The most students when they think about Germany they think about Nazis and Hitler.” 

”But there is so much more in the culture,” Parenteau added, “I think that it is a problem that many people just know the bad things about history.”

Like every country in the world, Germany has it’s good and it’s bad parts. It is worth it to experience other countries in the world and to learn many new things.