Brendan “Big Smooth” Manor Reaches for the Varsity Roster


Ayden Heuer

Lake Shore’s varsity basketball team gained a new member from the freshman class this year. Brendan “Bigsmooth” Manor is a 6’6 freshman and could be Lake Shore’s next big thing. 

Manor was a full-time varsity player this year. Although he didn’t see much playing time, he still accredits this season as super influential and important. 

Manor says, “I wouldn’t be where I’m at now as a player or a person. Basketball, and the coaches, have taught me a lot more about being a better basketball player and a better man.” 

This season did not go without hardships for Manor. He states, “competition is way better than in middle school.” Not only would he have to play against much bigger and better players but even just earning minutes was hard for him. 

He expressed his excitement for his sophomore season, “ Our team is going to be young next year and we need to work as a team to become great, but after this next season we will be back at the top of the division.” The young freshman clearly does not lack confidence in himself or his teammates. 

Throughout the season, Manor had people antsy for him to get court time. People would go ballistic even when he would get in during blowouts. From making shirts to fully knowing him as “bigsmooth”. Manor said, “ It’s a great feeling when people cheer you on all the time”. Manor enjoys the attention and support from his peers. He also stated that it felt like there was a spotlight on him regardless of if he was on the court or not. 

Manor will continue to work hard and become a better player as he has a clear passion for this sport and for the team he’s on. His future is bright and we are all in witness of it.