Who’s the New Hall Monitor?


Ella Mainhardt, Staff Writer

In attempts to stop students from skipping classes and keep the hallways safe, Lake Shore has gotten more and more hall monitors. One of the newest monitors is Coach Cribbs.

Before coming to Lake Shore, Cribbs explains, “I was doing the same thing just at Mount Clemens High School.”

Cribbs not only has experience in being a hall monitor but also is looking forward to becoming a football coach.

Cribbs explains how he already knows his way around the school. He says, “I’m an alumni of Lake Shore, and I’m coming back to do the same thing I was doing at Mount Clemens, and, hopefully, will be a football coach too.”

Not only is Cribbs an alumni but his brother Kyle Barbara, Coach Kyle,  who is also working at Lake Shore, is too.

Everyone is constantly asking what it’s like to work with his brother. He replies, “I mean it’s alright I guess.”

Cribbs said his time here so far has “been smooth” and he is looking forward to working at our school. Make sure you get to know the people who help make our school a better place.

Let’s continue to welcome Coach Cribbs to our school, and let him know we appreciate what he’s doing!