Lack Of Participation At Lake Shore

Lack Of Participation At Lake Shore

Julia Pearl, Staff Writer

High school is a place of memories and self-discoveries but in today’s world, it lacks drive. Students today are afraid of participating in school and think of the worse that comes with it. 

Participating can sometimes take guts, but you’re making memories and having fun with your friends in high school is what really counts. A lack of participation can have an effect on someone’s high school experience. High school is a place where you explore and make the memories you want to look back on, but if you don’t get involved or participate you can possibly regret not having fun with it. 

Ava Kozak, freshman, said “Lack of participation does affect the fun of a person’s high school experience. Playing sports and going to dances really helps you make memories that you will remember and help you gain friendships that feel like you’ve always been close.” 

You want to make the best memories you can whether that be being in a sport or just going to one of the dances, you can even participate in one of the spirit days we have and it will make a memory with laughs that you want to remember. 

Lauren Maciejewski, freshman, said “I think kids are absolutely afraid to be judged. I know that I am. I mean it’s not just by the way you look, the people who you are hanging out with, how you act if you are smart or not. But the main factor of being judged is how people see you in the world on the outside and not who you truly are on the inside.”

No matter what happens kids are always going to feel like they are being judged especially teenagers and that definitely affects the way the kids participate. Teens should have to feel judged, they should be able to live their high school years without the judgment of stupidity and getting made fun of, but sadly they do. This is why there is a lack of participation, we as students should have fun and not care about what other people think.