Seniors Thoughts on Graduation


Amora Johnson, Staff Writer

Many seniors at Lake Shore High School are excited about graduation on June 4th. As the end of the year approaches, many seniors have strong opinions about graduation. 

Aniya Johnson, Lake Shore student, states “ I’m ready to move on.” Apparently, many seniors are ready to go into adulthood and start life as an adult. Johnson also expresses, “I feel like I was patient enough to make it through.”

Most seniors feel the same way about graduation. 

Devin Myricks, Lake Shore student, exclaims, “I’m happy about it.”

Some seniors say they would be sad that they won’t see their younger friends everyday. 

There are some seniors feel like it went by very quickly. Jazz Englehart, Lake Shore student, states that “there are a lot of mixed feelings about it.” She continues, “it feels like yesterday we were just freshmen and like now we are seniors.”

Mira Felczak, Lake Shore student, explains. “I’m excited for it but also kind of sad to be leaving all this.”

Seniors have great memories at Lake Shore with teachers, friends, and others. 

Overall, seniors are happy to graduate but sad to leave so many memories behind. Some memories are in the yearbook.