Lake Shore Students Summer Bucket List


Ruby Fetko, Staff Writer

Students have been counting down the days until school gets out. Summer is getting closer and the weather is getting warmer. School lets out in less than a month and the students at Lake Shore High school have already began making their summer bucket lists.

Eric Dubiel, a sophomore at Lake Shore High School, explained, “This summer I want to buy a bird.” Dubiel wants to purchase a bird this summer and name it something unique. He hasn’t yet decided, however, it will definitely be special. Adding a new pet to the family would be a perfect way to better your summer vacation. Sure, it adds responsibility, but it is a way to stay focused and entertained.

“I’m going to play basketball this summer,” said JaSean Dean, a freshman at Lake Shore.  Dean plans on spending the vast majority of his summer playing the sport that he loves. Being outside during the warmer months is a great way to spend the summer. Summer can be even more thrilling when it is spent doing something you love.

Not only is summer more fun when you do things you love, but it is also more fun when you spend it with the people you love. Dalton Rutt, a freshman at Lake Shore, says, “This summer I’m probably going to hang out with my friends a lot.”  Rutt plans to spend time with his friends and have an exciting summer with them. 

Sure, summers can be exciting here in Michigan however; Devin Murphy, a freshman at Lake Shore plans on spending summer outside the state. “This summer I’m going down to New Mexico to see my family,” Murphy explains. Traveling during the summer is on many people’s bucket lists, there is a lot to see and a lot of places to go.

There are many opportunities students at Lake Shore High school are taking to ensure that their summer vacation is exciting. These summer bucket lists are definitely going to give students a chance at a fun summer.