Lake Shore’s First Pole Vaulter


Amora Johnson, Staff Writer

Megan Morell, a freshman and Lake Shore’s first pole vaulter, hopes to inspire others to give pole vaulting a chance. 

Morell started learning at the age 14 in the beginning of the school year. Morell explains her father, Paul Morell, inspired her to do pole vaulting since he was a pole vaulter in college and taught her how.

The highest Morell has jumped this year is 8’ 9’’, and she strives to reach 13’. Morell expresses that she thinks it would be cool to go professional for pole vaulting, but she wouldn’t want to go that far.  “Maybe for college though,” she states.

When asked would she ever attend the Olympics, she states, “If I can do it, yes, it’s like top tier.”

Morell physically prepares by doing a good stretch and eating healthy food. 

As the track season comes to an end, many teammates are sad to leave their friends. 

Morell hopes to inspire others, and hopes they join the track team. She stays mentally prepared before a competition by being ready for whatever comes at her.

Before a competition, some great advice would be, “Never compare yourself to others.” That’s just going to bring you down and make you think you can’t do something. Always stay confident. 

And one last thing, join track next year here at Lake Shore High School!