2022 LSPS Fall Festival; A Glimpse Into This Year’s Fall Fun


Natalie Leydet, Staff Writer

The Lake Shore Public Schools Fall Music Festival is almost upon us once again! Keep reading for an exclusive preview of the musical portion of this exciting event! 

The festivities will begin on October 22nd at Lake Shore High School, starting at 12:30 P.M., and concluding at 4:00 P.M. At this event, you can enjoy fall fun, food trucks, vendors, and musical performances by our very own students. There will also be a petting zoo, pony rides, inflatables, and a DJ between the student performances. Admission is free and all are welcome! 

Now that the basic details surrounding the festival are laid down, here’s a deeper dive into the festival fun, from one of our very own here at LSHS. 

Sarah Poma, Senior, and a member of the LSHS Choir wanted to share her excitement and encourage people to come and join the fun at the festival. 

“I’m excited for the food trucks and the vendors because if they’re the same food trucks as last year, there will be a delicious Mexican food truck and the vendors were AMAZING last year, from candles, jewelry, sweet treats, household items, and many more!”

Poma also added, “People should come to the festival because there are so many things to do if you’re not the person to just sit in an auditorium watching people sing. there are food trucks, bounce houses, vendors of all sorts and amazing music performed by the Lake Shore choir.”

Poma talked up the festivities, emphasizing that this event is important to her and the rest of the choir. If you don’t have anything going on next weekend, why not come on down and have some fun? 

Poma went on to reveal some details about what performances you can catch at the event. 

“Fourth graders from the elementary schools in the district (Masonic Heights Elementary, Violet Elementary, and James Rodgers Elementary), the Kennedy Middle School choir and band, and the LSHS choir and band are performing.” 

If you would like to know what everyone is performing, head over next weekend at the festival to find out! 

Poma was asked what her favorite song she is going to perform at the fall fest, and she revealed, “I’m looking forward to singing Thriller by Micheal Jackson because it’s a commonly known song and I feel like the audience will love it!”

To conclude, The Lake Shore Public Schools Fall Festival is an exciting upcoming event for those in the community, all are welcome to attend on October 22, starting at 12:30 PM and concluding at 4:00 PM. Hope to see you there!