Andrew Petty’s Amazing Season Taking Shorians To Playoffs


Brendan Manor, Tyler Giacona, and Shel Morpus

The Shorians are finally starting to flip the script and are having a great football season, led by star player, Andrew Petty, senior. Petty has been playing like an all-star throughout the season, being the starting running back, linebacker, and punter for the Shorians. Petty is not lacking any confidence going forward. 

“Yes” was Petty’s only response when asked if the Shorians would make the playoffs. He obviously has no doubt about his teams abilities.

Petty was also promoted as one of the captains this year. 

Petty said, “I was very excited, from the beginning of the year I felt like I should’ve been a captain and I deserved it.” From what he’s been showing on the field the whole school says Petty deserved it. 

Petty also has some goals and expectations for his senior season, “I want to make the playoffs, win a playoff game, and receive all state” Petty said. 

Petty was promoted to starting running back this year, which was a big step up from his role last year. 

Petty said, “Last year I was not the starter so it’s pretty exciting this year, I get to finally start and be a leader.” Petty definitely has been a leader this season with his stats and with the way he communicates with his teammates.

Since Petty is one of the captains he has had to lead the way for the Shorians on the football field. 

Petty said “It takes a lot. Especially with a new coaching staff that you just need to step up and lead the way.” Having a new coaching staff telling you what to do is not an easy task. 

With Petty’s performance this season, one might say he deserves an all-state selection. 

Petty said “I definitely have a lot more work to do but I think I can get there by the end of the year.” Petty is humble about himself but is working towards his goals everyday.

Petty’s senior season is a great one but sadly his last and we are all witnessing it. By the end of the season, Petty’s name will always be remembered by his peers for what he was able to accomplish on the grid iron.