The Unknown Class: Educational Paradigm/Pass

The Unknown Class: Educational Paradigm/Pass

Lillian McParland and DJnae Sanders

The Educational Paradigm and Pass class are combined for the student tutors to be trained as teachers to help students in need while in school and for underclassmen students to receive the support they need to achieve and accomplish four successful years of high school.

Educational Paradigm isn’t really talked about around the building, counselors have admitted to barely talking about this class when they come around on presentation day for scheduling classes. Pass is the class that is mainly talked about more in-depth instead of briefly like the Ed. Paradigm Class.

If you are interested in tutoring or just even helping others, take the Education paradigm into consideration, as your Senior English elective credit. Garth Frost, is the main teacher/advisor over the Educational Paradigm/Pass classes, meaning he is the only teacher that teaches these classes each hour. Referring to the production of these classes, 

Frost said, “Over the years, ninth graders that were coming in struggling would be put in my class. It got to be a lot, so having those conversations with administration and counselors probably around 2010, I was asked to create a support class for at-risk students. There was one at the place, and so I decided to use that class as my center of focus. The student could be at risk for any number of reasons.” 

Lake Shore administration noticed that not only high-risk students, but a handful of others also needed help.

As Frost states, “Students that were coming into the school needed help but weren’t technically at risk that when the class started to take off, that’s when the class became a general elective and I started teaching the Ed. Paradigm and the pass classes.” 

Frost explains what the Ed. Paradigm and Pass class are about, “Ed. Paradigm is just me trying to train tutors like yourself, how to work with students in place of a teacher. Once you get the teacher out of the mix the 9th graders and 10th graders and the tutor tend to work much better together.” 

Frost talked about the making of the class so now you will hear a student’s standpoint of the class. Dalton Rutt is a tenth-grader who is in Frost’s 4th-hour pass class.

He says that he was placed in this class, and he believes that “this class all depends on if you are passing Frost’s class then you will be fine. The only downside is that the pass sheets that you have to take from class to class to get filled out by a teacher are time-consuming and can be challenging to keep up with them to turn in each day.”

For more in-depth information about the class,  some of the counselors here at Lake Shore were interviewed, in order to dig deeper into the grade standpoint of this class. Was there a difference in grades between taking the class in the first semester and the second semester? Taking the class in the first semester but not the first? Vice versa? 

Nabors says, “ I think just seeing the progress with students who have been in pass especially if they had to pass the first semester and they don’t have its second semester and vice versa, you do notice a big impact sometimes, so I think that the student that is in pass take advantage of the class, the tutors and everything I see a significant improvement. I think the teachers believe so as well because I have seen where they have passed and they don’t.”

The tutors that are in the classrooms are there to help the students in Pass succeed each school year, and this class allows not only for the Pass student to get their work done but as well as the tutor to get their work done. It truly is great for students who are doing two different jobs combined in one class with each other.