The Face Behind The Gifts: Ruby Fetko


Hailey Magasark, Staff

Ruby Fetko is seen throughout Lake Shore for his acts of kindness to his peers and teachers. From getting birthday cakes and gifts for his friends, to hiring a mariachi band for Mr. Kelley’s birthday, it can go without saying that Fetko truly cares about making school more enjoyable, not only for him but also for others around him. 

“I was like how do I get my attendance up because this is miserable, and I don’t wanna go,” said Fetko, referring to how he didn’t enjoy school, he started thinking of ways to make it more enjoyable.

Taking matters into his own hands, he began buying things for his friends, decorating teachers’ classrooms, and overall bringing joy to himself and the people around him.

 Fetko said, “Not only does it benefit me by making me want to be in that type of environment, it also makes other people happy as well.” 

In retrospect, Fetko has also done a few things for Austin Kelley, a Spanish teacher at Lake Shore. From decorating Kelley’s classroom for “Christmas,” to fundraising for a mariachi band to play on his birthday, Fetko’s kindness to new faces is a very admirable trait for a sophomore here at Lake Shore.  

He wanted to do something memorable for Kelley’s birthday. When thinking of ideas for things to do with his friends he made a joke about getting a mariachi band. The joke ended up becoming a reality, planning weeks in advance in order to pay for it.

Fetko explains, “I’ve never had Mr. Kelley in my life. He’s so nice; I love Mr. Kelley.” 

 “It was such an impulsive idea, so then I went to Dr. Bross, and I was like hey do you think we could do this and have like a bake sale to fund it? She goes, ‘yes absolutely,’” Fetko explained.

Kelley gives his opinion on the surprise. He said, “It was awesome, that was a monumental, least-expected surprise. I’m very humbled and appreciative of it. It was fantastic.” Kelley even goes so far as to say it was the best birthday of his life.

Fetko continues to spread happiness and fun throughout the Lake Shore Community, making everyone’s day better through his thoughtfulness and ambition to make school a fun environment for students to be in.