Starbooks: Lake Shore´s Donut Destination


Skylar Merten and Ella Mainhardt

Running late and forgot breakfast? Check out Starbooks in our library where you can find coffee and donuts. 

Ran by librarian, Jodie Kleymeer, and her student-helpers. Kleymeer said, “The students are part of her class and asked once the class starts if any of them can come in a little early to help with Starbooks.” Kleymeer says “I came up with this idea hoping the library could be a space for kids to just hang out, feel comfortable, and have something to look forward to.” Starbooks is back in full force since its brief closure during Covid. 

 The most popular items are the donuts, which cost $1.50.

“All funding goes straight to the library” and Starbooks “opens up right around 7:30 and sells until there’s nothing left.” 

Kleymeer gave us a tip, “The best time to come is right around 7:30 when we first open up. The sooner the better.” 

Kleymeer has been running this for a while as she, “started Starbooks up in 2008, but with covid, it was shut down.” “This is the first year it’s been brought back”. 

Students around the school have positive thoughts and strong feelings about Starbooks. 

Eric Dubiel, Junior, said, “I have gotten donuts and coffee before. What I like most about Starbooks is that it’s cheap.” 

Another student, Adysen Fluary, Junior, states, “When I forget to eat in the morning instead of feeling sick I am able to get something to get me through the morning.” 

Asking around the school it seems like Starbooks is overall a positive asset to Lake Shore. It is available to anybody and everyone including teachers, staff, and students. So, in case you forget breakfast or need your morning coffee, go check out Starbooks in the library!