One of Us is Lying: Series Review


Gavin Matz


Murder. Romance. Drama. Welcome to Bayview, California, where darkness lurks around every corner. More specifically, Bayview High School. Inside the walls of learning and curriculum, circulates the many mysteries that haunt its students. In the thrilling series: One of Us is Lying, five students walk into detention: Simon, Addy, Cooper, Bronwyn, and Nate. But, only four leave alive. This classic whodunnit teen drama will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.  

One of Us is Lying came out with its first season on October 7, 2021. But, with its November 15, 2022, season two release, I think it’s time this show receives the love it deserves.  

Time to meet the crew. Cooper Clay: a baseball prodigy with a hidden secret. Adelaide “Addy” Prentiss: the princess of Bayview High. Bronwyn Rojas: the Harvard-bound genius. Nate Macauley: the school bad boy. And finally, Simon Kelleher: the all knowing snitch of Bayview. He knows everyone’s deepest secrets, and exposing them may just get him killed.

The show follows the aftermath of Simon Kelleher’s death, which police suspect was foul play. Cooper, Addy, Bronwyn, and Nate become the prime suspects in the case. Accusations and hate follow them around the school and in their daily lives. In just one period of detention, their lives change forever. Friendships drift apart, futures become at stake, and lives shattered. While every student is different, the same question floats in all of their minds:who’s next?

The teen drama is based off of Karen M. McManus’ novel holding the same title. Both the novel and show follow the same plot and are both worth your time. Since the show was based off of Karen M. McManus’ novel, fans of her work held high expectations for the first season. The fans were thrilled with how the show turned out. They loved the show as much as they did the novel.  

As the police fail to uncover any other suspects other than the infamous “Bayview Four”, it is up to them to figure out who really killed Simon and why they are being framed. Will they dig up the truth of what actually happened? Or will their futures forever be doomed to the concrete walls of incarceration?  

Though One of Us is Lying is a global success, fans of the show also live a little closer to home. Clare Archer, a freshman here at Lake Shore, has seen the show and read McManus’ novel. “It was good and similar to the book; the book was also good and I liked them both. I would definitely watch it again and I would recommend it to high school students.”

One of Us is Lying received a 89% on RottenTomatoes. RottenTomatoes is a major and well known reviewing network of popular movies and shows. Google reviews the series with an average 4.0/5. I, personally, would rate the series a 10/10.  One of Us is Lying has the drama and romance of Riverdale, but with a more modern and rich look like Elite. The show brought a thrilling new experience to the simple everyday life of high school. The teen drama will make you fall for the characters. Immersing you in a whole new world of mystery. One of Us is Lying will leave an imprint on your life forever.  

The show has won the hearts and minds of many. The reviews are spiking and the number of fans continues to grow. The only question left is: what are you waiting for?