Sza Concert In Review


Heath Council, Content Editor

On Friday, February 24th, popular singer Sza performed at Little Caesars Arena as a part of her SOS United States tour. The artist drew thousands of fans from all across the state of Michigan and even some from out of state. 

Many of Lake Shore’s own students attended the concert including myself and all had good things to say about the concert. Many people that I have spoken too about the concert said that when they walked into the arena they had a good feeling about the concert. 

One Shorian,  Shelby Morpus, a senior, said,“The energy and look of the arena gave signs of the amazing concert to come.” 

The concert started at around 8:00pm with her opener Omar Apollo. Many people had heard of this singer because he had one song  blowup on the social media platform TikTok, but have also not gone in depth of listening to the artists’ music. To be honest, a lot of people likely were not expecting much from the artist seeing how most did not know him, but it was a shock to many that the singer was actually very good and blew a lot of people’s expectations away. 

Lake Shore Senior, Troy Lorenger, had this to say about the opener, “His visuals were memorable as well as the songs he chose to perform. I am now a fan of his due to the concert and his song “3 boys” is currently my favorite song right now” 

The actual concert started at about 9:15pm with Sza opening with the song S.O.S as the same way her album of the same name starts. The crowd erupted when the lights went down and they heard her voice start blasting throughout the arena. The artist had a set list of 33 songs with the concert lasting about 2 hours not including the opener. People were blown away by the visuals of the concert and just how amazing the artist sounded on her own. She performed songs from both of her albums and even one song that she has not fully released yet. 

Lorenger also said, “My favorite song was probably Love Galore since she mentioned her old album and played the biggest hit from it.”

By performing her old songs on top of her new ones, many fans felt like Sza was kind of catering to all of her fans instead of just the new ones from her new album. Many people were very happy to see that because the first album she released did not have an arena tour to go with it, so some people had never heard those songs live before that night. 

When the concert ended, Sza herself came out to thank the crowd for coming and said that she loves every single one of her fans for supporting her through all this time. While leaving, many people were seen standing around the arena, singing her songs in the hallway areas and  lines going out the building to get merchandise. 

Overall, this concert was a very fun and unique experience. To be able to see someone of that height and fame perform songs that you have been listening to, live, is an insane feeling that many don’t get to experience.