Student Council: Be In The Know


In light of the upcoming spirit days, the student council is in the hot seat as they are the ones responsible for the chosen days. Although this is what the council is known for, there are many aspects that fully make up the student council. In hopes of learning more about the student council, I interviewed multiple members, hearing from many different perspectives.

The first person to be interviewed was the student body president of the class of 2025, Lauren Maciejewski, sophomore, said, “ To join the council, you just show up to a meeting at Mr Couck’s class. Once you’re at a meeting, Mr. Couck will have an agenda on his board with topics to talk about. There are also bullet points with goals that we need to hit and we discuss those as a group. No one forces decisions and they are all decided unanimously. The meetings take place every monday unless there is no school, then the meeting will be the next monday. Outside of meetings, we help plan and decorate for school events, hold separate meetings and talk to our class advisors.” 

Robert Couck, history teacher and leader of the student council, said, “For the most part, everybody plays the same role when it comes to being able to come up with ideas, discuss, vote, or have a say. Nobody has a higher role than anybody else, but when it comes to the final determining factor we have officers like class president, social media advisor, and secretaries. The secretary will record meetings while the social media advisor makes sure that the Shipyard is up and running and the president and vice president are there to lead the charge in their grade.”

Couck went on and talked about how the student council makes Lake Shore High School a better place. 

He stated, “It is a student- run organization that gives students a say in what goes around and what happens to them. It helps that it is not another thing run by adults because we can sometimes be out of touch.” 

The student council gives students a voice that they do not often get the opportunity to have. With how easy it is to join the council, it gives every student a chance to make a difference.