Senior Plans after High School


It’s almost that time of year; the class of 2023 is leaving Lake Shore High School. It’s time for them to figure out their paths as graduation is coming up fast.

Trentan Tanalski, a senior at Lake Shore High School, has made his decision on what he wants to do after high school.

“College isn’t really my thing, so I plan on going to trade school for construction and then go pro in boxing.”

Owen Storbeck, who is also a part of the class of 2023 and is in the race for valedictorian, wants to attend a college. 

He said, “I plan to attend Oakland University for computer science. I have to be at the university for four years. They gave me the most money off, and it was the best looking campus I went to.”

Tre’shun Sanders, another class of 2023 graduate, has decided to go into the military after high school. 

He said, “I plan on attending the Army National Guard and to complete college through it. I plan on staying in the army for six years and pursuing football while I’m in college, but if football doesn’t work out, I’ll be going active duty and serving a full 20 years.”

Jillian Marofsky, also a senior, has said, “I plan on getting part time jobs, probably in retail. I am also going to make my own jewelry and start selling it. I chose this career because it is something that I enjoy doing and that I am good at.” 

Alicia Freeman,  graduating this year, said, “I’m going to complete the state board to get my cosmetology license. You have to have 1,500 hours. I am in the two-year program right now. I like this career because I love to do hair.”

The class of 2023 has some great futures ahead of them from creating their own jewelry to going to a University, no matter what path they decide to take, everyone will hopefully be successful in their own way and stay happy doing their passion and what they love.