Dubiel’s Day-to-Day


Briana Koontz and Emily Tolcer

Eric Dubiel is a name heard all throughout the hallways at Lake Shore High School. He is a popular character with many talents. His day-to-day is a combination of his passions with his responsibilities and he finds a miraculous way to balance them. 

His day begins with going to school in the morning. His most challenging classes this year are AP Language/Composition and Pre-Calculus. 

Next year, Dubiel is going to be a senior. After being in Lake Shore Public Schools for his whole academic career from Violet to Kennedy and now Lake Shore, he has become a very familiar face. 

Dubiel was inducted into NHS as well this year, adding another thing to his list of accomplishments. 

Dubiel said, “I think it’s a good program to encourage those who want to do good to go out and do service even if it’s out of your comfort zone.” 

Fusion is one of Dubiel’s most interesting classes, it is a mix of singing and dancing. It is a more complex class that offers certain challenges. 

“I like being around my friends in there. There’s just a certain person who likes to tear me down and doesn’t like me for no reason and that kinda makes it hard to continue and stay motivated to stay in it, but sometimes you have to overcome those things…” said Dubiel.

After his classes, Dubiel goes to rehearsal for the musical production the school is currently putting on, Beauty and The Beast

“Oh, let me tell you. The musical is going great. I’m at rehearsal every time”, laughed Dubiel, “I really think it’s going to be a good show and I like the director Ray. He knows what he’s doing so yeah, it’s gonna be a good show.”

Dubiel’s current job is at AutoZone. This is where he makes his money to fund his passions. “I work at Autozone, I’m a part sales lead and I work in commercial sales internship, so I get that bank. My co-workers are really laid back, and the job is pretty easy so I like it,” said Dubiel.

A lot of his responsibilities are costly, primarily going toward his dance career. “Right now, I am working on my solo for my national dance competition in August,” Dubiel said.

“I want to be a professional dancer and then when I’m done dancing/performing, I wanna open my own studio,” Dubiel said with passion.

When Dubiel is lucky enough to have free time, he spends it doing multiple things. “I usually like to go out with my friends, shop, and spend a little money. You know, I really like to relax and get some sleep because that doesn’t happen often,” expressed Dubiel. 

“I think it’s really impressive that he manages all his responsibilities and what he has to do with being with friends and also having a good heart,” said Ava Pittiglio, junior and classmate of Dubiel’s

Another classmate of Dubiel’s, Josephine Gore, junior, said, “I don’t know how he does it, honestly. He blows my mind.” 

During freshman year, many students were online, and this includes Dubiel. 

Mrs. Stuckey, a teacher at Lake Shore, said, “As I continue to get to know him these past few years, it’s just nice to see how much effort he puts into his friendships and managing his time, working his extracurricular activities. I love to see that he’s friends with all types of students from all different grade levels and social groups, and he makes an effort and is so fun and positive.” 

“I get very stressed and also participating in a lot of stuff, my body gets no rest, so I usually have some type of pain or injury, so just work through the pain… work through the pain like Abby Lee Miller said,” Dubiel concluded.