Get To Know Blair Garipey


Sydnie Harris, Staff

One of Lake Shore High School’s hall monitors, Blair Gariepy, isn’t just a hall monitor. 

Gariepy is going to school at Macomb Community College while working for Lake Shore and his other job is at Costco.

Gariepy stated, “I’m majoring in IT computers because it has a lot to offer and it has a lot of avenues I can take with it. It’s also where the world is going, so I can do a bunch of computer related things, or I can transfer it over to business related.”

Gariepy mentions how his job could also go remote, so he can work from home.

“The hardest part about my major is coding and programming. It’s a love-hate relationship because it’s really fulfilling when I get all the code and see it work properly, but it’s very frustrating when it doesn’t go the way you want it to and you don’t know what’s wrong with it,” said Gariepy. 

Gariepy also works at Costco on Sundays. Gariepy explained how he will be transferring to working at Costco during the summer and hopes that he will be able to work a little bit more with it during the summer. 

“I really like working at Lake Shore, that’s also why I took a pay cut because of how much I like working here over Costco,” said Garipey. 

While Garipey enjoys being at Lake Shore, there’s also some ups and downs. 

“The worst thing about working at Lake Shore is probably to see the students that have a lot of potential and then they don’t want to pursue or push themselves and it’s hard to watch sometimes,” said Gariepy.