The History Behind A “Shorian”


Many Shorians have been asking the age-old question: What is a Shorian? Does anyone really know what a Shorian is? Who built the history of Lake Shore? Why a Shorian? This article investigates both the history and the meaning behind what it means to be a Shorian and delves into the stories and experiences that have shaped this school and continue to influence it today.

Some minor history was published on the Lake Shore Public Schools website to commemorate the upcoming 100-year anniversary. Lake Shore High School began in a tiny schoolhouse and developed as the surrounding population also did. Starting in 1920, each new year brought a new grade from 9-12. The first graduating class was just three students.

One of the most famous characters in the school, Leslie Houston, affectionately known as “Mrs. Leslie,” shared her personal experience as a student and a long-time employee. She has seen Lake Shore through different eras and how it has changed throughout the years and even has some information about when she used to go here.

Before Houston began to work as our Campus Monitor, she was a student here. “I’ve been here since ‘74, which is most of my life,” said Houston.

“It was different. A little weird. When starting out here, my friends cracked up. I wasn’t the best student here,” laughed Houston, “but I love my job.”

She went on to explain the history of Lake Shore while she was a student. “When I look back at my yearbook and stuff, I don’t even remember…we had an anchor, so I don’t know what that meant either,” said Houston.

If it used to be an anchor, who came up with the “Shorian”? Why replace the anchor? Investigating the history behind Lake Shore High School was the hardest part of this article. The investigation led to the library in hopes to find Jodie Kleymeer, the librarian, who had more to say about how Lake Shore has changed.

“I think ‘Shorey’ was still a thing but we didn’t have the actual mascot head. That came around at some point in time while I was here, during the early 2000s or mid-2000s. It was Mrs. Todaro’s class who designed the ‘Shorey Guy.’ We were The Shorians, but it was still kinda a mystery, ‘What is a Shorian?’, but then it kinda evolved,” said Kleymeer.

The name “Shorian” came from the Vikings who would come up on the Shore. Their job was to alert the incoming Vikings where to dock their ship so they could loot the land. Basically, they were very skilled warriors.

Not only is the literal meaning of a Shorian important but what it personally means is just as meaningful.

One person who finds the meaning very dear to their heart is John Daly. “Lake Shore, I know, has a strong history with it. The community is special. I cannot go anywhere, for the last few years, without running into people that have Lake Shore ties.”

Daly has more to say, not just about the school itself, but the community that makes it. “The family history of kids growing up here, having kids, coming back to the community, their kids at Lake Shore. So, I’ve had a number of former students whose children have been in my class these last few years, and I always said if I start seeing grandkids, that’ll be the sign I was here too long.”

The investigation behind the numerous mascots proved to be very difficult but intriguing at the same time. From an anchor to a boat to our current one, Shorey. The conclusion is that the symbolic meaning behind our unique mascot is more important than the literal meaning. We were always the “Shorians,” no matter our mascot. What it means to be a Shorian is unique to each person that roams the halls.

Taking the time to explore and learn about Lake Shore’s history was a very fascinating and rewarding experience. We had the opportunity to talk to very important people that are a part of Lake Shore which deepened our understanding of the school we attend. Additionally, we appreciate the efforts of those before us who took the time to shape the school into what we know as Lake Shore today.