Teacher Appreciation Week


It’s that time of the year when our educators throughout the United States are getting the recognition they deserve. This is for the restless nights of correcting, motivating words and unending sources of creativity. Teacher appreciation week is celebrated from May 8th to May 12th. 

Krystal Hammond, senior, says,  ¨I appreciate Mrs. Meldrum because she shows good leadership for her students and how amazing she is at her job.¨ Mrs. Meldrum is known for her endless smile and brightening energy throughout the halls of Lake Shore.

Chrisziana Ezell senior, says, ¨If I could pick who I appreciate, it would probably be Mrs. Barr. She’s extremely patient and understanding.¨ Ezell appreciates Mrs. Barr for the positive attitude she projects on her students every day. 

Even when teachers are battling personal obstacles, they push everything aside for their students. 

Allie Brown, sophomore, says, “I really like how Mr. Mantela makes all the students here at Lakeshore feel welcome, even the ones he has never taught before. He really cares about his students and it shows every day.” 

When it comes to Mantela, he receives nothing but love from his students. This is not just for being a good teacher, but for being a positive influence for all the young eyes at Lake Shore.

Mariana Jackson, freshman, says, “Mrs. Bautista is my favorite teacher, she helps me so much and is really understanding with her students.” 

Students understand that it takes a lot of patience to teach and it can sometimes be very overwhelming. Please know that students and other staff are here for you too, especially when things get rough. 

Ava Lettington, freshman, says, “I like Mr. Gwozdz because he is a cool teacher and makes sure he takes the time to understand each and every one of his students.¨

Like Gwozdz, a lot of instructors tend to coach extracurriculars too. This not only shows the Shorian pride, but it motivates students to make teachers proud.

Treasure Smith, junior, says, ¨Mrs. Taormina, she’s just a great person, even outside of her being a teacher. She’s is like a mother figure.¨  

Stepping out of your job, to comfort your students has never gone a day unnoticed. 

These are just a few of many heroes mentioned in this field of work, with too many names to mention. At Lakeshore Shore high school, students are beyond grateful for their educators. 

The students and administrators strive to show them that compassion each and every day. Here at Lake Shore, teachers continuously strive to develop close relationships with the students and help them grow as people throughout their four-year experience. The students take notice of this and want to continue to express their gratitude towards the teachers and thank them for all they do. Happy Teacher Appreciation Week, to all the wonderful educators.