SCS Park Updates


Briana Koontz

Many St. Clair Shores parks and recreation centers are undergoing a master plan update. The plans to update all parks and recreation centers are to be completed by the end of this year. This is important because parks and recreation are the very center of St. Clair Shores.

Jamie Owens, senior, is quite excited about the changes being made to the Veterans Memorial Park. She said, “I’ve rode my bike up there a few times, and I love it.”

“I think they need more flowers… with the updates I’d definitely be more willing to go more often,” Owens concluded.

On the other hand, Gracie Arnold and Madison Helsel, seniors, have differing opinions. “I can’t believe they took away the fire truck and dinosaur.  As much as I’m excited for these updates, that was my childhood. What the frick?” said Arnolds.

“I’m going to miss that nostalgia the old playground gave me. I just hope they clean that beach,” Helsel added.

Additionally, Blossom Heath has also recently received an addition to its park with a pier. This pier will not only be perfect for a weekend hangout but could open up opportunities for new fishing spots. 

According to The Detroit News, “The mayor said he hopes to see people walking along the pier, fishing, reading books, sketching and other activities. He also said there are tables perfect for playing checkers, chess, backgammon, or other games while enjoying the lake.”

Another huge update has come to the St. Clair Shores Pool.  Josephine Gore, junior, is currently working as a lifeguard and knows all that will be updated and added.

“So, yeah, they’re adding two new slides, reopening the kiddie pool, they redid the bottom of the original pool because it used to cut up peoples’ feet, and everything is one price. Five dollars for residents and an additional seven for non-residents.  Also, the diving boards are opening back up,” said Gore.

These places aren’t the only parks and recreation centers receiving updates though. A few other places that will be updated include Kyte Monroe, The Civic Arena, and Wahby Park.

Not only will infrastructure improvements be made, but community based upgrades will come to these places. In the future, many people can expect more program offerings such as movie nights, dances, theater performances, and a bunch of other public activities.

As these popular local hangout areas in the summer are receiving updates, hopefully kids and adults alike can look forward to the upcoming summer and enjoy the new updates.