Teacher Cadet Program


De'Angelo White, Writer


The Teacher Cadet Program is a summer school program that works with the MISD (Macomb Intermediate School District) in allowing students from a variety of schools in Macomb County, which includes Lake Shore to experience the role of teachers. Teacher Cadets are able to assist students, grades K-5, during summer school. 

Greg Taylor, science teacher, and teacher cadet advisor, said, “The Teacher Cadet Program is for those high school or early college students who are interested in the teaching profession and want to experience more about teaching. Students can get experience of working with younger students to encourage, support and help their education for a few weeks in the summer.” 

Before Teacher Cadets begin in class, Cadets go through a few hours of training the second week of June. In the training, directors from the MISD go through lists of rules and regulations in regards to classroom procedure throughout the summer. Some of the things talked about during the training are how to handle situations with students. For example, if a student is not responding and refusing direction, the procedure is to notify the teacher instead of taking matters into your own hands. Since the cadets aren’t the primary teachers or parents of the children, there is only so much that they can do, so following the necessary procedures is the best way to avoid further issues. 

Once the first day of summer school begins, June 26th, Teacher Cadets are assigned to their classrooms where they will help and assist students and teachers for the summer. Each class is different whether it’s math and reading focused or extracurricular, such as a variety of science classes. Cadets have the opportunity to take charge of the class they are appointed to doing things like reading to students, playing games, and more teacher-like experiences.

The Teacher Cadet Program is a paid job for participants, $11 an hour bi-weekly. The days of summer school are Monday through Thursday 8am- 12 noon. 

From my personal experience, working as a Teacher Cadet during the summer of 2022, I was a Cadet for a 5th and 4th grade class and was able to gain useful work experience as it was my first job. The most rewarding aspect of working as a Teacher Cadet was the bonds and connections I created with the students in my class. The students were able to look up to me for assistance and guidance with whatever it was whether it was with the work being given or personal help. 

I would definitely recommend being a teacher cadet for anyone interested.