Varsity Softball Team Without Coach


Spencer Olesky, Staff Writer

Lake Shore High School currently does not have a varsity softball coach for the upcoming 2020 season this spring. John Hartley, Lake Shores athletic director, has a good idea of what kind of coach they want, however, no specific person yet.

Gym teacher and previous softball coach at Lake Shore, Will Puvalowki, had to step down from his softball coaching position due to the fact that he was promoted to head football coach.  

Hartley explains that the main reason Puvalowski could not maintain both positions is because “there was a time commitment issue.” It would be extremely difficult to run back and forth from one sport to the other, especially considering he would be coaching two varsity teams. 

Lake Shore is going to miss Puvalowski as the varsity coach for softball very much. Hartley wholeheartedly acknowledges, “He came into this without any experience and he did amazing.” He coached the softball team for six years and did great every year, the girls will be sad to see him go but are excited about having a new coach. 

Regardless of what’s currently happening with the open varsity softball coach position, Hartley is confident that the issue will be resolved soon. He assures, “We will have a team without a doubt.”

The Lake Shore softball team will not be left without a coach this upcoming season and the girls look forward to a new season.