Mario Berry or the Next Virgil Abloh?


Michael Evans, Staff Writer

Mario Berry, 10th grade, somewhat of a student at first glance. However, when you take a closer look into Berry though, you find a pure creative with a love of fashion designing. His Wicked Smiles brand has just started recently, and has gained popularity at Lake Shore. 

Having just started making clothes this summer Berry stated that, “he’s always loved fashion.” 

Berry started making clothes in June but said, “I only started taking it seriously in September.” Berry started designing then because making clothes was a way to get his mind off things after his grandmother had passed.

Going into the business side of Berry’s brand he said, “he sells and markets his clothes through social media.” Through retweets and reposts Berry’s brand is promoted all across Michigan. 

Berry’s entrepreneurism is a hard thing to balance while going to school and pretty stressful too. He said, “working alone and time are two big challenges.”

Berry also says that he, “doesn’t worry about how his clothes do.” This shows his confidence in his work.

Berry said, “my creative process consists of not trying overthink my clothes, and keep it simple”

Berry also says that, “his parents are both happy and supportive of his dream.” However, his dream doesn’t just span local high schools; he has plans to expand his business. Berry’s said, “get a manufacturer and become one of the biggest brands across america.”

To reach Berry for Wicked Smiles hoodies, shirts and jeans, etc., you can follow him on Instagram at wickedsmiles_19.