Will BG Sting Be The Next Rap King?

Photo from https://soundcloud.com/grant-jones-828974269

Photo from https://soundcloud.com/grant-jones-828974269

Ted Harwick, Staff Writer

Everybody wants to be famous, but nobody wants to do the work. Nowadays it seems that the best way to get rich and famous is to start rapping. There is one kid who already started on this grind, Grant Jones, a senior at Lake Shore, also known as BG Sting.

He  says, “Ever since I was little, probably grade school, I have been writing little things here and there, but in the middle school I started writing for real.”

There are many different musicians who all have their own way to express themselves in their music. BG Sting said his musical influences are “ XXXTentacion, Michael Jackson, Justin Bieber, as well as DMX and Kanye.” All of these artists are different and special in their own way. 

When starting something you should always set goals. BG Sting said his goal is to  “Get to the top.” This is a very real yet resilient goal.

Music is a very important art. BG Sting said music is important because,“It can connect to so many different people and people really treasure and connect with what people talk about in certain songs and that is a really important thing.”

Song features are very important because it helps people find new artist and can improve on a song. When something was mentioned about doing a feature BG Sting said, “That is tough, I think I would have a really good song with somebody like Lil Uzi Vert or Post Malone.” This says a lot about BG Sting’s music. When listening to Ringing by BG Sting the Post Malone influence is very visible.

So far BG Sting has recorded and released 4 songs (Sloppy Star Strike, Ringing, Fridays, and Penthouse) and drops new music almost every month. Shorians can check out his music at https://soundcloud.com/grant-jones-828974269