New Choir Director Welcomed to District


Arnecia Paul

Lake Shore High School new choir director, Kelsey Elkins

Arnecia Paul, Staff Writer

Taking a walk down the Performing Arts hall you will hear a beautiful chorus of voices directed by none other than Kelsey Elkins, Lake Shore High School’s new choir teacher.

Elkins, the new choir teacher, has a strong love for anything that deals with music. From choir to musicals Elkins loves it all. Growing up, Elkins went to Hazel Park Schools, then she began her college education at  Oakland Community College before transferring to Oakland University where she earned her bachelor’s in music. 

Elkins says she chose to come to Lake Shore because “I had heard about the program. I’m good friends with one of the teachers at the middle school, she told me that there was an opening, and that I should come apply, so I did.” Elkins says she truly enjoys it here at the high school, “I love it!” She continued to say, “you guys are great.” She also added that,“all the students are great. The teachers are great, so it’s good.” 

Elkins’ interests have played a big role in her preparation to become a choir director. Elkins said,  “My interests are obviously I love music that’s a given. I also have done community theater over the years, so anything musical theater related.” 

She also said, “back in the day I also taught color guard, and I did color guard in high school so that also is something I enjoy doing.” Her experiences with choir and musical theater definitely prepared her for the job.   

Along with her interests, Elkins knew she wanted to be a choir teacher for a long time, she said, “I’ve always wanted to be a teacher for a long time since I was in high school. I did choir and theater all in high school, so it’s something I became very passionate about. I knew if I went into do that everyday that I would like it, so it’s something I was passionate about.” Elkins definitely knew where her heart was at and followed into her own footsteps where her passion led her to.  

Elkins has many strengths. One of the strengths she said she feels she has is , “I think honestly one of my given strengths right now is being on the younger end of teaching and being closer in age with some of you guys and knowing what the culture that you guys deal with from day to day and what your interests are and being able to relate to one of those.” With this strength alone she definitely has a better understanding and connection with her students.  

Just like any teacher, Elkins has her weaknesses. She said, “Probably just still being in my first five years of teaching and just getting used to what works for me in the class and all the other teacher stuff you have to do on the side. I think trying to balance would also be another weakness of what works best for me.” With strong willpower and dedication she will definitely overcome her weaknesses and be the best that she can be.  

Coming to Lake Shore High School Elkins definitely has goals for the music program here. She said, “With the choir program and I’m going to lump in with the program here in general and musical and everything music related, one big goal is to grow the program.” Not only does she wants to grow the program here at the high school, but she wants to grow the music program at the middle school as well. Elkins said, “I want to see a lot of retention from the middle school, so all the kids that are doing choir and drama in the middle school right now we want to see them come here and continue to do those things.” It’s amazing to see Elkins not only wanting to grow the program and passion for music her for the students at the high school but for students throughout the whole district, from the little ones to the older ones.       

Not only does she have goals for the music program but she also has goals for the upcoming musical, Seussical The Musical. Elkins said, “For the musical the big one is to grow the program and to get a lot of community involvement from younger kids and show them what it’s all about, so that way when they get into high school one day they kind of already have that in mind and know what to expect.” Elkins hopes to help foster a love for music and theater in students as young as possible. Through hard work and dedication Elkins will definitely achieve her goals and so many more.  

The Lake Shore School district is very excited to welcome Elkins to the district and to see what she has in store for the music program!