Lake Shore Basketball’s Golden Boy

Madeline Davis, Staff Writer

Lake Shore athletics are something that many Shorians take pride in, especially when we have rising stars amongst us. When a student excels not only in the classroom but also on the court, it’s hard not to notice their amazing achievements. Nicholas Olmeda, Junior, is a prime example of a Shorian at heart. Olmeda has been a starting athlete on varsity basketball since he was a freshman, averaging twenty-three points per game with an overall GPA of 3.8. 

Olmeda said, “[he] owes all of his success to his middle school basketball coach, Paul Shock”. Olmeda went on to say, “Coach Shock pushed me to work as hard as he could, which eventually landed me a spot on the Lake Shore Varsity basketball team as a Freshman”. Olmeda first made his big break as a known basketball player right here in the Shores in 2014 playing CYO (Catholic youth organization) basketball for the St. Isaac Jogues Chargers. There, Olemda’s older brother, Julian Olmeda, was his assistant basketball coach. 

Here at Lake Shore, Olmeda has truly made a name for himself due to his success on the basketball court. He is known for the way he makes his team better as a unit, instead of playing a selfish game only driven on achieving his own successes. He’s the type of player that you would want as a teammate. Olmeda’s teammate, Sloan Taylor made a statement on what it’s like to be playing with Olmeda. Taylor said, “Nick is a natural leader that plays good basketball, it’s great to have him not only as a teammate but also as a friend.”

Olmeda is a true Shorian at heart because of his overall warm presence in the halls of Lake Shore as well as on the Basketball court. It’s apparent that Olmeda has a bright future ahead of him. Stay tuned on what’s to come from this 6’2, 170lb, sixteen-year-old star in the future.