Fermoyle Brings Communication and Community to LS

Spencer Olesky, Staff Writer

Kaylee Fermoyle is a first-year staff member at Lake Shore High School. Here, she is not only a speech pathologist, but she also runs clubs and organizations that you have probably heard of or seen around school. 

Before becoming a staff member here at Lake Shore High School, Fermoyle attended Central Michigan University for her undergrad, and later on Wayne State for grad school. When she started college she didn’t exactly know what she wanted to be, but she always knew she wanted to help people. She explained, “I grew up with my mom and my dad, my mom was a school counselor, my dad’s a social worker. So, I kind of grew up in a household where it was helping people.”

Fermoyle started out taking a lot of intro. classes and couldn’t really find one that fit her. Then she took an intro. into speech class and that’s where she “fell in love.” After that, she took some more basic classes for speech and a few sign language classes, saying, “Speech has just been a passion of mine ever since.”

Originally, Fermoyle didn’t even want to work at a high school. She wanted to work with the younger kids, but found out right away that they can be a handful. So, she decided to go up to the middle school level and loved it. She thought these kids were so much fun. Then, she was offered a job at Lake Shore High School and soon realized, “This is definitely the age I was meant to work with. It’s just been the perfect fit.”

Fermoyle runs the ASL club, where students learn American Sign Language as well as learn about Deaf culture. This club can be very important to Lake Shore because more than 90 percent of deaf children are born to hearing parents, making ASL more needed in all of society.

Fermoyle says, “I have a passion for sign language and I was just interested in starting a club.” She explains that she thought about what a passion of her’s was, and something that she already knew well. Fermoyle had already taught sign language to elementary students back when she was an undergrad and liked the idea of not having to teach it all day every day.

Fermoyle, with the help of three other staff members, is also running the Community Closet. A place for students in need of personal hygiene and toiletry items. 

It is only Fermoyle’s first year here, and she has already made so many great changes and improvements to Lake Shore. Be sure to stop by room 216, and say “hello” to the new face around school!