Shorians Respond to Crisis


Photo Courtesy of @myLSPS

Lake Shore Public Schools Meal Distribution Flyer

Arnecia Paul, Staff Writer

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak Gov. Gretchen Whitmer ordered all Michigan schools to close. Schools have been closed since March 16th. With the virus spreading at an increasing rate, schools will not be reopening until next school year. Just because schools have closed, doesn’t mean the support and supplies students receive on a daily basis in school will not be supplied anymore.

Lake Shore Public Schools are working very hard to provide meals and resources to students who may need them during this pandemic to keep them going and in their same routine.

One of the many resources that the district offers is distributing meals at the high school during the closure. Students and parents can pick meals up from this location between 10am and 1pm on Tuesday and Fridays. This is offered to kids under 18 and to special needs children under the age of 26 regardless if they attend school or qualify for free reduced breakfast and lunch. Staff has already handed out over 25,000 meals to the Shorian Community. 

Another resource Lake Shore has is an email that was put in place to provide assistance during this crisis. The email, [email protected], is here for any parent or student that may need any type of assistance. Whether it’s getting food or essential items, this email is open to anyone that may need anything.

Throughout this pandemic, teachers have been making contact with their students to make sure they’re doing okay and see if they have everything they need at home. Since Governor Whitmer suspended in-person learning that means schools have moved to online learning for the remainder of the school year. This change may leave many students lost and confused, but teachers are working day in and day out to not only make sure they have an action plan in place to continue to provide an education to students but to also make sure students all on the same page and are on track through this crisis. 

The school’s first priority is always the health and well being of students and teachers. Even though it’s sad that the school year was cut short, our health and safety are so important to maintain in good condition, so we can continue to do the things we love the most. If we continue to uplift each other and continue to provide support, then we can make it through this. Lake Shore staff and students are doing their part. We are all in this together!