Wait To Date

Wait To Date

Christa Shakori

High school students are very eager to enter a relationship to feel a sense of maturity and belonging. However, many ignore the issues a young relationship comes with.

One common trait the students often notice is overprotectiveness and jealousy. Students at this age have a variety of friends, including friends of the opposite sex. Teenagers often get jealous and overbearing of their partner because they do not trust them.

Shianne Hagewood, senior, states, “Being too overprotective especially in the beginning typically leads to a really controlling relationship.” When you start to notice your partner being too overprotective and jealous you should communicate your wants and needs in order to fix the problem.

You should never let your partner talk down to you or make you feel less than you are. A significant other should make you feel confident and uplift your self esteem.

Valerie Belleck, senior, states, “When someone talks down to you they are taking their insecurities out on you.” With this being said, they do not know how to fix themselves, so they try to make you feel less. 

Another typical red flag you may notice is the way your partner acts around other people. They may neglect you or put on a fake face on in front of others.

Morgan Vanderdonckt states, “Don’t let them act differently towards you around others, this creates unhealthy habits.”

A relationship should be exciting and something that comes easy. If you notice these red flags you should always stand your ground.

Keira Csernyant states, “We are still young and have a lot more to learn and explore, your number one priority at this age should be yourself.”

Dating at this age may seem fun, but it comes with plenty of difficulties. Watch out for these red flags before making a commitment.