Snowcoming Returns


Christa Shakori

One recurring event we have here at Lake Shore is our annual Snowcoming dance. Snowcoming is similar to Homecoming, but it typically takes place in February. 

Snowcoming gives students another opportunity to hit the dance floor with their classmates and make new memories that they will have for a lifetime. 

Due to the Covid pandemic, the dance was canceled in 2021. We are hoping to have a dance this year if the school and health department grants us approval. 

Senior class president, Valerie Belleck, states, “We have to reach out to the health department and get their input but we are hoping to make it happen.”

Snowcoming is always very enjoyable among the students. Senior, Aaliyah Sells, states, “The two Snowcoming dances I went to were more memorable than Homecoming for me. During the winter we are always cooped up in our house, so this event brings excitement and gives us something to look forward to,”

The last Snowcoming dance took place in 2020 meaning only this year’s juniors and seniors have attended this dance. 

Sophomore, Ella Maindhart, states, “I have heard many good things from the upperclassmen about Snowcoming and want to attend one myself.”

Having a Snowcoming dance this year will bring joy to all students. It will allow us to experience another memorable night with our friends. Covid-19 has put a pause on high school students’ experiences and we should be easing on the restrictions and giving the students a normal year of high school. 

As of right now, we will be having a Snowcoming/Glowcoming dance. It is expected to be held March 5th.

Student Congress hopes to see everybody on the dance floor!