Leaving the Ice


Skylar Merten

After a season of hard work and dedication, the Lake Shore and Lakeview, Lakers Hockey season has come to an end.

Many Lakers describe the team as family or brothers to them.

Goalie and sophomore, Daniel Young, states, “I am going to miss the family aspect of the team, even though I only knew them for a few months they felt like family.”

For the Seniors on the team, this may have been the last time they get to be on the ice. 

Ian Rafferty who is a senior at Lake Shore mentioned that he would like to play hockey next season, maybe for a club team but has to mainly focus on college.

One of the starting defensemen, Owen Storbeck said, “I’m going to miss doing all the things we did in practice and in games, our warm-ups, the off-ice antics, and all the guys leaving because they’re Seniors.”   

For a lot of players, hockey is their time to themselves. They can shut out everything else and focus on only the game. Some simply love playing with their close friends Some love the sound of the ice crackling as they skate. Others use the time to ignore all other problems for a moment.

Rafferty said, “The everyday practice thing seems like a lot, but it’s all super fun and you’ll grow into a family with everyone”

Young adds, “I recommend joining the team next year because we are a young team and are always having an adventure every time we play a game. The coaching staff is very helpful and there’s always has a good vibe in the locker room and on the ice.”

The Laker’s hard work throughout the season has and will pay off in the future. Since the seniors unfortunately will not be coming back, the team still welcomes anybody next season with open arms.