Drama Club Returns With Dramarama


Presley Saleh

After the absence of plays at the school for over 29 months, Lake Shore High School’s Drama Club is bringing back their long-awaited performance of Dramarama. This Dramarama consists of the plays “Our Place”, “Disaster”, and an original play created by Drama Club called “Shakespeare Explained”. These plays are said to have a good mix of drama and comedy. Leader, Patrick Akerley, and Senior President, Eddie Sheen, along with the student actors, are making this play possible.

Akerley explained, “We do Dramarama to put on a variety of theatrical forms and to showcase the talents of our cast through various forms.”

The first, and most recent Dramarama, took place in 2019 before Dramarama was canceled due to Covid-19. Although, this has not been the only setback the club has been facing. The school’s auditorium has been closed for some time, which is not ideal for a theater club. 

Acknowledging this setback, Sheen explained, “Well, it sucks that the auditorium was unavailable for quite a long time. But, I think we’re heading in the right direction, and we’re all very confident in our ability to get this show on the road.”

Vice President, Cameron Salk, agrees with Sheen, saying, “I believe it’s really coming together. We’re working around any obstacles and are really looking forward to it.”

Salk later adds on explaining how “People always give their all at rehearsals and are eagerly waiting to show you what they’ve got.”

Salk had been holding onto his character in the upcoming play since the cancellation of the other Dramarama performance. After waiting so long, Salk is bound to be excited to finally hit the stage.

Since this will be the first performance from Drama Club since the Covid-19 Pandemic began, the return of plays has intentions to gather the most abundant audience possible when it returns. Noted before, hard work from Akerley, Sheen, Salk and the other student actors has shaping this play into something worth seeing. Being able to see a performance in the auditorium, especially one as long-awaited as Dramarama, allows for a carefree viewing experience for the audience. For the actors, they step out of their comfort zone under the stage lights and the club gains even more support from viewers. 

Explore Lake Shore’s performing arts side more and attend the engaging performance of Dramarama. Dramarama will be showing on days March 10th till March 12th, 2022. Likewise, any students of interest in Drama Club are welcome to attend meetings. Drama Club creates a family-like environment allowing students to have fun while meeting new people as they feel more at ease to be whoever they want to be, especially on stage.