Insider Update On The New Weight Room


Presley Saleh

As students enter and leave to and from the Commons every day, there is one project that has been progressing since the start of the year that some may have noticed. The weight room has been getting remodeled as one of the results of the recent bond passed, with many new upgrades. The school district felt it needed an upgrade, as there was a lot of old and limited equipment available. The weight room can be used by any student, specifically athletes of Lake Shore or anybody in physical education classes.

Not only is the weight room getting fresh equipment, but it is also being expanded indoors. Outdoors, a turf area is being added in between the commons and auditorium, which is completely new and exciting.

One blueprint of the weight room renovation including the new turf area.

Athletic director John Hartley explains, “It’s gonna be a new room, new equipment. It will be a total transformation of what we’re used to. We’re gonna have treadmills in there, we’re gonna have bikes, we’re gonna have steppers, so it’s gonna be similar to a real gym, just smaller.”

The construction of the weight room has generally been on time. While there have been some issues, the weather becoming warmer will help construction become even more efficient.

Hartley says, “We’re thinking by the time we start school back up in the fall that it will be ready to go … I’m thinking July or August.” 

With that, Lake Shore is gaining a mini-gym next school year. If a weight room sounds interesting, a gym class is a very important place to start. With some supervision, however, any student is able to utilize the weight room. 

A glimpse of the section where the turf will be added.