Broadly Barr

Broadly Barr

Nicky Maye, Staff

Lauren Barr, teacher, friend, and mentor, is a loved and respected member of the Lake Shore community.  Barr’s kindness and heart have won the admiration of her students. Though Barr has grasped the hearts of many students we dig deeper into how she is to others in her life and how she carries herself.  

Since a young age, Barr has always wanted to be a teacher.  Being a teacher has always been her goal in life and now she’s living that goal.  “My dad says that I first wanted to be a teacher when I was four.  And that’s just always been what I wanted to do.  In middle school, I liked school.  I always thought that I could do this.  And I love it.”  

Barr has been a member of the Lake Shore community for four years. “I loved it, I loved teaching the upperclassmen…I also got to start coaching girl’s soccer so it’s great,” Barr said. 

Barr all four years has been a part of the English upperclassmen department and has loved every second of it, but she has more things going out for her in life such as a recent proposal. 

She said, “His name is Tyler…I think what interested me about him is how genuinely kind he is to me and everyone around him he is.” These two lovebirds have known each other since high school but they finally decided to tie the knot recently. 

Barr said, “He proposed Labor Day weekend we were heading up to the U.P (upper peninsula) but we took a detour to Petoskey which is somewhere we went while we were dating which was awesome. I knew it was coming all day so I was super excited but my sister lived in Traverse City so he called her up to set up everything by this waterfall and she was kicking everyone out while we were driving to the place while she gather Petosky stones so she could write out “will you marry me?” If you don’t think that’s a very special proposal I don’t know what else is.  

Barr has gone above and beyond her goal and has surpassed the expectations of a teacher and has impacted many students’ lives for the better. We believe that the future of Barr will only get better and better with an upcoming wedding and other things that should await in her future endeavors.