Class Of 2023 Graduation Celebration


DJnae Sanders

Seniors, this is the moment we all have been waiting for. During our freshman year in 2019, we sat through a presentation discussing all of our requirements for the class of 2023. Finding out that we are the 100th graduating class according to Lake Shore’s record, is exciting, isn’t it? This journey has been hard from missing out on many opportunities over the years leading up to graduation, but we made it. Congratulations! 

Ever since the information has been spread across the seniors that we are the 100th graduating class, there have been questions and concerns about how the ceremony will go. Not to worry, because after speaking with our current principal, Dr. Janelle Bross, we’ve got everything covered to make this day very special for the graduating class. As Dr. Bross is one of the amazing proctors of this ceremony and has the most knowledge of what to expect, the plans are all set.

Being a proctor of something such as a graduation is an amazing title/honor for Dr. Bross, “I have always felt honored to be part of Lake Shore. My mom graduated from here in 1972 and I love being a part of this community that my grandparents chose to raise their family in. Every graduating class holds a special place in my heart and this year is no different. Being part of the 100th graduation is super special. It is such a huge milestone! My favorite part of graduation is doing the tassel ceremony…being the one to officially announce that our awesome kids have graduated always brings tears to my eyes.” 

Dr. Bross has stayed in this community to see the improvement over the years. Each year there may be something different but the tears are real. To see the students you have watched grow over four years finally flip their tassel to the left is a feeling of completion. 

As the feeling of completion arises, an alternative plan is always key. Our plans are so big that the ceremony will be abnormally big according to Dr. Bross, “Our plan is to have graduation at 10 AM on Saturday, June 3rd. Because of the plans for this year, we can’t move the ceremony indoors if there is rain – there will simply be too many people.  So, if the weather on the 3rd is conducive to an outdoor ceremony, we will do it on Sunday, June 4th at 10 AM.”

Everything is all good. The preparation leading toward the big day can be complicated, but the process and what you can do leading towards that day can be smooth. Preparation is no different than any other graduation ceremony that has happened over the years here at Lake Shore. 

“Nothing different will be required of our graduates. We will still have rehearsal Senior video and our Senior Walk. Outside of those events, all that is required of our Seniors is to be here by their designated time on graduation day.  We will make sure everything runs smoothly and that this is the biggest and best graduation the Lake Shore community has ever seen!” Dr. Bross stated.

Class of 2023, the time is closely approaching, all elated and delighted there are a few things that we should expect. Dr. Bross states, “The Class of 2023 graduates should expect to have all of the staples of a non-milestone graduation ceremony (bagpipes, music, fanfare) with the addition of a few new traditions.  This year will be the first year that all of our graduates are in the same color graduation gowns (red with white stripes on the sleeves).  We are also going to add a VIP section for graduates to invite their favorite LS employees to have special seating on the field to cheer them on as they walk across the stage. We are working on our guest speakers and have invited local celebrities, politicians, and prominent alumni to join us.  There may be a few more surprises, but the graduates will have to wait and see!” 

They have us on the edge of our seats, waiting to see what’s next, stay tuned for June 3rd at 10 AM to see what comes!