Lake Shore March Madness


Nyla Mcdowell and De'Angelo White

The March Madness tournament hosted by Lake Shore High School is an event which provides fun and entertainment for students, teachers, and families. 

The event is not possible without the help of the LSFEE, Lake Shore Foundation For Educational Excellence whose sole goal is to raise money through fundraising to give back to Lake Shore Public Schools, give grants to teachers, and give students innovative experiences that wouldn’t be possible without. 

This tournament became a tradition in 2017, and after a couple years off due to Covid, the game has returned. 

There are 4 teams participating, Lake Shore high school staff, boys and girls varsity basketball team, North Lake Alt School Staff, and a mix of the district’s elementary and middle school staff. 

The tournament works almost like a traditional NCAA march madness with a few tweaks. Two teams will begin playing two 12 minute halves and then another 2 teams will do the same, the final game played will be the Lake Shore High School staff versus a mix of the rest of the teams for the championship. 

On a scale, one being the least fun and 10 being the most fun, Principal, Dr. Bross said, “10, 11, 100 it’s a lot of fun to be a part of this.”

Lake Shore High School’s staff team is undefeated in the tournament, 3-0. Dr. Bross also said, “Full court we go all out… they do not take it easy on us old people trying to play.” 

The Tournament took place Wednesday, March 21st at 6:30 pm with the first game Consisting of North Lake staff versus the district’s middle and elementary staff team. The game was exciting to watch from start to finish as the middle and elementary school staff jumped out to a 10-0 lead, mostly coming from three point shots. North lake staff was able to come back, however, they still fell short in the end. 

The next game played was Lake Shore’s High school girls and boys varsity against Lake Shore High School Staff. This game was back and forth from the beginning with multiple lead changes and surprising moments, going down to the wire the Lake Shore high school staff was able to pull it out and win. 

For the final game of the tournament, the championship game played between a mix of all the teams versus Lake Shore High school staff. 

The game was over from the first few minutes, a complete blowout by Lake Shore High School Staff which now makes them 4-0 since the beginning of this event.

Varsity basketball player Brendan Manor said, “Me and Coach Kyle” were the most outstanding performers in the tournament. Manor also added the best part about the game was “How fun it was. How not everyone was taking it so seriously. It was more relaxed.”  

Although the tournament was the main event presented, there were performances by the cheerleading teams, choir, games with rewards during halftime and even a raffle with a special prize. Low priced concessions were also provided during the entire event.