Lake Shore PowerBuff 2023


Emily Krogulec, Writer

The seniors prevail at the 2023 Lake Shore High School PowerBuff!

Jordan Alston, a sophomore at Lake Shore High School, said, “ The sophomores’ are way better than the seniors. I think we will win by three- five points. My entire teams knows we are gonna win. We are on top.”

Alston is a very competitive person when it comes to sports or any type of game. He always has to win.

Zayveon Kemp is also a sophomore at Lake Shore High School and he said, “ We have to have good communication around the court and we are for sure going to win.”

Kemp is also a competitive teammates, considering him and Alston are friends, and are on the same team.

The seniors made their appearance at the game and what some of them had to say caused a lot of back talk between both teams.

Drew Petty, a senior at Lake Shore High School has said, “ I know we are going to win, they are talking a lot of crap but we are going to win by 20.”

This is Petty’s last year at Lake Shore and to start ending the year, they won the volleyball games and are onto the pep rally final against the sophomore’s.

Devin Davis is also a senior at Lake Shore and he has said, “ Seniors are going to win, obviously. We played them already and they were bad. When a team can’t play by the rules and don’t win, that looks bad on them.”

Davis, as you can tell, does not play around considering it’s his last year being a student at Lake Shore.

As a result, the sophomores did not win against the seniors, but they did win against the freshman and the juniors. The sophomores did not win all games, but they are still going up against the seniors with a total of six wins and zero0 losses.

Although the juniors lost, D’Angelo White, a junior at Lake Shore said, “ I thought it was definitely gonna be juniors and seniors, but the sophomore’s beat us in the third3rd round. It was hard choosing who I got on Friday, but even though I’m a junior, I want the sophomores to win”.

At the end of the pep rally, both teams were talking out what their plans were, techniques, etc. The sophomores started somewhat decent but the seniors took over very quickly due to lack of communication on the sophomores’ side. The seniors racked up those points within minutes with a result of them winning against the sophomores. The sophomores had a couple points but their lack of communication and team effort caused them to lose.

The seniors also took on our girls varsity volleyball team. The varsity team did very well but not well enough and they inevitably lost to the seniors. 

The scores were close, but the seniors had their heads in the game and not one of them came to lose…