Spring Fling 2023: A Recap


Natalie Leydet

If you were at Lake Shore High School’s 2023 Spring Fling, you definitely would agree some insane memories were made! With DJ Hercules playing song favorites of many Shorians, many students admit that the night was worth the wait.

Addison Spear, junior, was at the dance on Saturday and she had a lot to share about her own exciting experience. 

“The dance was really fun. What I enjoyed the most was getting to hang out and dance with my friends,” she said.

Spear, like all of those in attendance this past Saturday, agreed the dance was an amazing experience to share with friends. 

Hailey Magasark, sophomore, went to the dance with her friends and had a really great time. 

“This dance was by far one of the better ones we’ve had. The music was way better. I think that music quality is really the make-or-break factor of a good school dance.” 

Music truly is a big part of these dances. Without good music, students tend to not enjoy these dances as much. 

Songs by Sza, Nicki Minaj, and Tyler The Creator were some of the popular artists played that night. 

Heath Council, senior, was scream-singing to Ice Spice’s Boy’s a Liar during the height of the dance.

“Ice Spice lives in my soul. She is my mother and the energy I had in that magical moment simply came into my soul and possessed me.” 

Christina Johnson, junior, was crowd-surfing her way through that wild night. 

“It was fun crowd surfing even though I really didn’t get far. As for music, there were some good songs, I just think there could have been more popular songs playing, I even saw some kids leave early because they weren’t feeling it. The music was still better than last time though.” 

With those opinions, it is clear that while the dance was a success, there is still room for improvement.

That’s a wrap on Lake Shore High School’s 2023 Spring Fling!