Looking Back On This Year


Josephine Gore and Ava Pittiglio

With the 2022-2023 school year coming to a close, it’s time to recap the top Shorian moments from this year.

The beginning of the year is the start of all Lake Shore memories. Lake Shore students get the chance to make new friends at this time.

Junior Adelia Nasir said, “My favorite part was probably the fact I got the opportunity to become close with the senior class and make friends I never thought I would have. Because of that, it makes me hope that I can make those same bonds with the juniors next year.

The Lake Shore football games are also a huge part of many Lake Shore students’ lives.

Senior Carsen Best said, “My favorite part of this school year would definitely be the football games because it was great to show out for the school and represent Lake Shore. It was also fun to watch and enjoy the student section.”

The football games are a big way students are brought together and are a great way for students to show pride in their school.

Another important way for students to get involved with their school is through dances and the week prior to the dance.

Junior Marissa White said, “My favorite part of the school year was during the week of homecoming because of all the spirit and festivity going around in the community.”

Junior Eric Dubiel agrees with White. He said, “The school dances are cool because you get to hang out and interact with people you normally don’t. Everyone just gets along and has a good time.”

Students also are able to make memories outside of school.

Junior Emily Tolcer said, “My favorite memory probably was when I got my license. It’s been so much fun and I’ve been able to make even more memories with it.”

Students make so many memories every single day. Although this was only a couple of examples, this school year was filled with so many moments and friendships that students can cherish for the rest of their lives. Students can’t wait to make new memories next year.