Participation Problem at Lake Shore High School


Irene Spano and Spencer Olesky

Class participation creates an enjoyable high school experience, it brings each class together, and also the school as a whole. So, why is class participation down at Lake Shore? 

Like most things in life, it starts at the top and trickles down, in our situation that would be the senior class (2020). This class does not necessarily lack participation as they do motivation. For example, their senior lunch and mock elections lunch on January 22nd was almost canceled due to a lack of students purchasing tickets. Though when the senior officers, Robert Couck (one of their class advisors), and Janelle Bross made the announcement that if 50 tickets were not bought it would be canceled. Miraculously, after some motivation was given students purchased tickets and their lunch went on as planned.  

The same phenomenon happened during this 2019 homecoming season as well. Participation only seemed to start when the class of ‘20 was bluntly told just because they are seniors does not mean they automatically win the Shorian Shield. In the end, they won, but it was a much closer race with the sophomores then it should have been. If there was not that added push, without a doubt, the seniors would have lost. 

Being that seniors need an extra push, it is no surprise that the freshman and junior classes struggle with their school spirit as well. 

The freshman class (2023) is currently the worst when it comes to participation and is living proof that it is just going to get even worse as the years go by. 

During spirit week for homecoming, there is always hallway decorating. The 2019 homecoming however you would not know was happening in the freshman hallway. The 2nd floor had a couple of streamers and some paint on the windows. If you compare that with any other hallway in the school, you could definitely tell who cares more.

Even though the senior class had the most participation, the junior class (2021) seems to have it only a little more than the freshman. How come there is so much of a difference between the senior and junior classes? 

The junior class may be down on their participation, but it’s a completely different story for the sophomore class (2022). They are one of the most involved classes in the school. They probably had one of the best decorations for homecoming spirit week, and they have some of the best athletes in the school.

The Student Congress is also very low on participation. The underclassmen population goes down nearly every year, making it harder for voting and each class to have officers represent them. In order to get a good idea what the student population favors and dislikes, we need more kids to help out and put in their opinions to make improvements to the school. 

Mary Claire Nicholl, a Senior and Secretary of Student Congress at Lake Shore High School says, “Student Congress isn’t just a club to join, it’s a place where all students can come and give their ideas and suggestions that will better our school.” To make things better and foster better participation Student Congress is the place to go. 

Madison Cook, a Junior says, “I would like to participate, but my schedule prevents me from doing more at the school.” Her situation is similar to many others. They want to participate, but do not simply have the time. Although, it does not take much time to dress up for spirit days. Students should try and find a balance with their school spirit, if you can not make it to decorate or to a Student Congress meeting, at least dress for spirit days. 

Jamie Owens, a freshman who decorated for homecoming says, “I painted the ladders on the windows. Some colored and drew characters to tape up and stuff. We tried to do balloons, but it failed sorta. Yeah, it was fun to be with everyone and do something for our hallway, even though yes, it did look horrible. We did it together.” Like Jamie, you can also find joy in taking ownership of Lake Shore. All you have to do is show up, have a good time, and get some memories and a sense of pride in your school.

One thing we can try to do to help with the participation problem is to get students more in the know and encourage them. Make announcements about school events and explain that students will enjoy it and have fun.