Snowcoming Spirit Week


Mia Hahn, Senior Editor

With snowcoming behind us all, we’re fondly remembering spirit week. Students came out in full force to show their Shorian pride in anticipation of the event on the first of February. Snowcoming’s spirit week exceeded expectations with students still buzzing about their favorite spirit days. The only thing they’re perhaps talking about more is Lake Shore’s snowcoming dance, which served as the exciting conclusion to the week. The entire week was hailed as a huge success, marking a bittersweet last dance in the gym for the class of 2020, and another perfect snowcoming evening for the underclassmen.

The week started with a grey out. Students were expected to dress head to toe in the color in support of brain cancer research and awareness. Shorians saw Monday as the perfect opportunity to wear some comfy sweats for a good cause. Normally a fashion faux-pas, students threw away their rule books to wear their ‘groutfits’ (gray outfits for those too fashionable to know) in support of the cause. Free pass to wear comfortable grays on a Monday? Lake Shore students were ready to take full advantage.

You might have thought you were seeing double on Tuesday. No, you’re weren’t sitting next to Feldman in your science class, it was dress like a teacher day! Tuesday was the perfect opportunity for students to finally live out their dreams of being as fashionable as Gwozdz or Bednarski. Students proved their observation skills after paying close attention to what stylish staples their favorite teachers were wearing, and then rolling up to spirit week in style. Pro Tip: whip out this outfit again later in the year if you ever need to pull a power move on one of your teachers. 

Things got competitive on Wednesday when Lake Shore battled it out between two of our students favorite brands. Nike vs. Adidas day marked the middle of the week. Shorians were asked to pick a side and go all out for their athletic wear of choice. The day became an all-out war, with reports of playful jokes thrown between both sides. Students decided whether the swoop or the three stripes are the way to go, and decked themselves out in their favorite. Tensions were running high on Wednesday, but students were able to put it all aside in anticipation of the next day.

Thursday was Yee Haw day, with students showing off their impressive collections of southern attire. Shorians took a walk on the countryside, to off their best southern looks on this student favorite spirit day. The hallways were flooded with a sea of plaid, denim, and cowboy hats. The Shorian nation did not come to play on Thursday, and nothing was off-limits. Flannels, jeans, and bandanas were quick options in student’s wardrobes, but Shorians really wanting to show off their looks held nothing back, wearing overalls, authentic boots, and cowboy hats of possibly every color known to man.

Friday marked the end of spirit week and the start of class color day. Freshman dazzled in pink, proving that the class of 2023 was just as spirited as the upperclassmen. Sophomores rocked out in purple, finally starting to hone their spirit week fashion. Juniors did not disappoint in yellow, with a flood of 11th grade students wearing every hue from mustard to neon. Unsurprisingly, they all paled in comparison to the senior’s ferocious presence on Friday. The class of 2020 dominated class color day, flooding Lake Shore with students head to toe in blue. Class color day has always been a student favorite so students dressed to impress! 

Shorians this year were eager to show their school pride for snowcoming week. Snowcoming was the exciting end to the week, and students showed they were ready to dance. The dance was a huge hit for the student body, and the new gym was packed with students having a good time. The photo wall was a huge success, as Shorians on Instagram found out the day after, scrolling through miles of their classmate’s fabulous outfits. Even though snowcoming is now only a memory for students, the dance lives on as one of the highlights of Shorian social life each year.