Pros And Cons Of Online Work


Grace Hanke

Lake Shore Public Schools has had Chromebooks since 2016. Most work is online whether you are in and out of school.

Most students seem to like online work. It helps people stay reminded and on top of things. Kaylee Faircloth, a sophomore, states, “I like that we can do our work from home if we are sick and not able to attend school.” Especially now that students get quarantined or Covid in general, online work is a very good way to stay caught up on work.

Andrew Petty, junior, also said, “I like Chromebooks because it makes finding and submitting work a lot easier.” Chrome books give students no reason to forget their work or submit it. Schoology, our main platform used for assignments, provides a calendar of the upcoming and overdue assignments with an easy click you can open and submit.

Many students also dislike online work. For example, freshman Madison Perkowski stated, “ I dislike that sometimes assignments could be posted to the wrong thing, glitches in the system, it won’t let you submit, and you can’t find some things easily.”

Schoology has glitches and also gets shut down from the amount of use. This can be hard on teachers and students because their work schedule gets messed up. Also, if you are newer Schoology or aren’t the best with technology, submitting things to the right place or fast might be difficult.

Katie Budnick, a senior, said, “They die fast and you always have to have a charger.” Many times if students forget their chargers or can’t connect to Wi-Fi, they cannot exceed their work.

If there were to be a conversion back to mostly paper and pencil work, students could differ with struggling or benefiting. For instance, Riley Lane, a sophomore, said, “I would be perfectly fine with going back to paper.”

Online work is an controversial topic for Shorians and many students have many different ideas and feelings about it.