Animals Vs. Stressed Students

Animals Vs. Stressed Students

Ava Maison

When students come home from a long day at school at Lake Shore High School, most are greeted by their animals. Having animals at home can have many benefits for students who may be stressed.

No matter what animal(s) you own, they know who you are compared to everyone else. Animals are a lot smarter than we think. Out of a large group of people, there is a good chance that they would run to you or someone you live with. They are grateful for you and your family and you are important to them. 

Owners should be as grateful for their pets as their pets are for them. Having a pet comes with a lot of benefits whether you realize it or not. When your pet is near you, you may feel safer or more protected.  Beau Detar, a sophomore at Lake Shore High School with four cats between two houses stated, “I do feel more calmed by petting my animals. The overabundance of love felt on both parts is comforting.” Animals can sense when love is given to them and will most likely give it back.

Animals can also sense a lot of emotions coming from a human. Ella Mainhardt, a sophomore at Lake Shore High School with four dachshunds stated, “One of my dogs is always around me and whenever I am sad she tends to cuddle up to me and give me kisses when I cry.” Dogs can sense many things coming from humans through body language and facial recognition. A dog’s sense of smell is so incredible it can smell hormones to determine how you are feeling. 

Other animals such as a cat are pretty smart as well. Beau Detar also stated, “two of them come to me when I am sad or mad as comfort. They are the two I’m closer with.” Just like dogs, cats have a very good sense of smell that can sniff out a chemical change in the body caused by a disease. They can also sense a change in mood or behavior in humans. 

Animals are important to have in your life. They have excellent emotional intelligence that brings comfort to their owners. Pets can help relieve depression and anxiety and lower stress levels. Not only are they good for your health but they bring so much love into your home.