Walking In The Halls


Teressa Leahy

Lake Shore students walking in the halls all-day

Every day at Lake Shore, if you just go in the hall, you can see a bunch of kids wandering and messing around.  

The students will walk in the hall just to go meet up with their friends in the bathroom, or they will be walking around the whole building on their phones. The time you can see most people in the hall is during all the lunches. The lunches take place from 11:07 to 1:01. 

There are two different ways to look at this because I don’t think it’s good for kids just to walk around and skip class. However, sometimes kids really do need a break. In those cases, I think it’s ok to just walk around and rethink everything, but students then need to go back to class.

The staff at Lake Shore have been really watching for people just walking in the halls, and, if you go past one of the staff members, they ask where you are supposed to be right now. If they find you so many times just messing around in the hall, you can get in trouble, and they may call your parents.

Some teachers make the students in their class put their phones in a basket when they leave to go use the “bathroom,” so you can’t go on your phone.

Also, almost all the classes have a Lake Shore hall pass that you have to fill out in order to go do what you have to do. They use the hallway pass to see where you’re going like the bathroom or another classroom, so that way if the staff stop you in the hallway they just look up where you should be right now.  

Students should just stay in class, so they don’t cause trouble for the staff members at Lake Shore.