The Different Opportunities of School of Choice

The Different Opportunities of School of Choice

Ayden Heuer, Staff Writer

School of choice is a big part of Lake Shore Public Schools. Students may commute from Eastpointe, Roseville, Clinton township, and more. There is a large group of kids that attend the school, and they are a big part of our community and represent our school.

There are a lot of benefits and reasons parents may elect that their children go to a school out of their district. Things like education and friends are among the top reasons why kids and parents choose to leave their home district.

Although, there are other reasons such as things like socioeconomic factors and racial discrimination. The choice of choosing your school may not be as simple and uncontroversial as you think as wealthier, more affluent families abuse the system by sending kids to a different school for reasons other than education.

School of choice kids aren’t always so privileged just because they get the opportunity to choose their place of schooling. Things like playing sports and extracurricular activities are hard for some students to attend and schedule around because of driving times, work schedules, and daily activities.

This adversity doesn’t come without a lesson or experience. Sophomore and school of choice student, Drew Calamita, says, “I’ve learned how to handle my time much more efficiently. I also learned how to maintain friendships while not always being able to see them.”

Overall, school of choice is a great opportunity for many kids and sometimes life-changing. As said above, things like seeing friends and going places are difficult and one has to wonder how that would have affected said students’ lives.

Here at Lake Shore, students get opportunities and experiences that they definitely could have not gotten anywhere else. The idea of school of choice should always leave people with a warm feeling, security, and new friendships.